226-10.5 Objectives and policies for the economy--information industry. (a) Planning for the State's economy with regard to telecommunications and information technology shall be directed toward recognizing that broadband and wireless communication capability and infrastructure are foundations for an innovative economy and positioning Hawaii as a leader in broadband and wireless communications and applications in the Pacific Region.

(b) To achieve the information industry objective, it shall be the policy of this State to:

(1) Promote efforts to attain the highest speeds of electronic and wireless communication within Hawaii and between Hawaii and the world, and make high speed communication available to all residents and businesses in Hawaii;

(2) Encourage the continued development and expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure serving Hawaii to accommodate future growth and innovation in Hawaii's economy;

(3) Facilitate the development of new or innovative business and service ventures in the information industry which will provide employment opportunities for the people of Hawaii;

(4) Encourage mainland- and foreign-based companies of all sizes, whether information technology-focused or not, to allow their principals, employees, or contractors to live in and work from Hawaii, using technology to communicate with their headquarters, offices, or customers located out-of-state;

(5) Encourage greater cooperation between the public and private sectors in developing and maintaining a well-designed information industry;

(6) Ensure that the development of new businesses and services in the industry are in keeping with the social, economic, and physical needs and aspirations of Hawaii's people;

(7) Provide opportunities for Hawaii's people to obtain job training and education that will allow for upward mobility within the information industry;

(8) Foster a recognition of the contribution of the information industry to Hawaii's economy; and

(9) Assist in the promotion of Hawaii as a broker, creator, and processor of information in the Pacific. [L Sp 1988, c 1, 3; am L 2009, c 167, 7; am L 2014, c 133, 4]



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