Part I.  High Technology Development Corporation


   206M-1 Definitions

   206M-2 Establishment of the high technology development

          corporation; purpose

 206M-2.5 Meetings of the board

   206M-3 Powers, generally

 206M-3.4 Contracts for services necessary for management

          and operation of corporation

 206M-3.5 Annual reports

   206M-4 Compliance with state and local law

   206M-5 Development rules

   206M-6 Use of public lands

   206M-7 Conditions precedent to negotiating and entering into a

          project agreement

   206M-8 Project agreement

   206M-9 Issuance of special purpose revenue bonds; bond

          anticipation notes; refunding bonds

  206M-10 Authorization for loans; loan terms and conditions;

          loan procedure

  206M-11 Special purpose revenue bonds not a general

          or moral obligation of State

  206M-12 Special purpose revenue bonds exempt from taxation

206M-12.5 Federal tax-exempt status

  206M-13 Special purpose revenue bonds as legal

          investments and lawful security

  206M-14 Status of special purpose revenue bonds under

          the Uniform Commercial Code

  206M-15 High technology research and development loans and


206M-15.5 High technology special fund

206M-15.6 Hawaii technology loan revolving fund

  206M-16 Exemption of development corporation from taxation and

          competitive bidding

  206M-17 Revenue bond fund accounts

  206M-18 Assistance by state and county agencies

  206M-19 Court proceedings; preferences

  206M-20 Construction of this chapter

  206M-21 Confidentiality of trade secrets or the like;

          disclosure of financial information

  206M-22 Limitation on liability


        Part II.  Hawaii Software Service Center

  206M-31 Definitions

  206M-32 Hawaii software service center; established

  206M-33 Duties

  206M-34 Copyrights and licenses

  206M-35 Annual report on center activities


        Part III.  Special Facility Revenue Bonds

  206M-41 Definitions

  206M-42 Powers

  206M-43 Findings and determinations for special facility


  206M-44 Special facility lease

  206M-45 Special facility revenue bonds


        Part IV.  High Technology Innovation Corporation--


  206M-51 to 59  Repealed




  International business and technology incubator program.  L 2006, c 255.

  Life sciences research complex, high technology incubator and innovation center (reports to legislature through ten-year lease agreement).  L 2007, c 150.



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