[187A-32] Alien aquatic organisms; lead agency; rules. (a) The department is designated as the lead state agency for preventing the introduction and carrying out the destruction of alien aquatic organisms through the regulation of ballast water discharges and hull fouling organisms. The department may establish an interagency team to address the concerns relating to alien aquatic organisms.

(b) The department may adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91, including penalties, to carry out the purposes of this part. The rules may include standards for the department and the United States Coast Guard to use as part of their respective inspection protocols. The rules may also include implementation of a course of action in relation to the arrival or pending arrival of a high risk vessel.

(c) The governor may enter into an agreement with the United States Secretary of Transportation to carry out the purposes of this part, including but not limited to the enforcement of state law. [L 2000, c 134, pt of 2]



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