[137-2] Reimbursement. (a) Whenever any government entity engages in a search or rescue operation for the purpose of searching for or rescuing a person, and incurs search and rescue expenses therein, the government entity may seek reimbursement from the following:

(1) The person on whose behalf search or rescue operations were conducted, including the person's estate, guardians, custodians, or other entity responsible for the person's safety;

(2) A person who ultimately benefited from a search or rescue operation by being rescued; or

(3) Any entity responsible for placing the person in the position of danger for which the search or rescue operation was initiated.

(b) Reimbursement under subsection (a) shall be allowed only if the need for search or rescue was caused by any act or omission by the person searched for or rescued, constituting intentional disregard for the person's safety, including, but not limited to, intentionally disregarding a warning or notice. [L 1999, c 66, pt of 2]


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