[103D-408] Indigenous and Polynesian introduced plants; use in public landscaping. (a) Wherever and whenever feasible, all plans, designs, and specifications for new or renovated landscaping of any building, complex of buildings, facility, complex of facilities, or housing developed by the State with public moneys shall incorporate indigenous land plant species as defined in section 195D-2, and plant species brought to Hawaii by Polynesians before European contact, such as the kukui, noni, and coconut; provided that:

(1) Suitable cultivated plants can be made available for this purpose without jeopardizing wild plants in their natural habitat; and

(2) Wherever and whenever possible, indigenous plants shall be used for landscaping on the island or islands on which the species originated.

(b) Each plant or group of plants used pursuant to subsection (a) shall be clearly identified with signs for the edification of the general public. [L 1999, c 149, pt of 2]


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