Part I.  General Provisions


    103-1 What warrants prohibited

  103-1.5 Definitions

    103-2 General fund

    103-3 Repealed

    103-4 Expenditure from general appropriation unlawful, when

    103-5 Emergency expenditures from general appropriations

    103-6 Temporary use of funds

    103-7 Capital improvements; authorizations for; emergency

          repairs or reconstruction, exception

    103-8 Repealed

  103-8.5 Works of art special fund

    103-9 False certificates or approval; penalty

   103-10 Payment for goods and services

 103-10.5 Prompt payment

   103-11 Rules of comptroller

   103-15 Repealed


        Part II.  Public Works and Contracts

   103-21 to 32 Repealed

 103-32.1 Contract provision for retainage; subcontractors

 103-32.2 Substitution of retainage

   103-33 to 39 Repealed

 103-39.5 Construction, renovation, or repair of school

          facilities; county permit exemption

   103-40 Federal-aid highway contracts

   103-41 to 49 Repealed

   103-50 Building design to consider needs of persons with

          disabilities; review fees

 103-50.5 to 52 Repealed

   103-53 Contracts with the State or counties; tax clearances,


103-53.5, 54 Repealed

   103-55 Wages, hours, and working conditions of employees of

          contractors performing services

 103-55.5 Wages and hours of employees on public works

          construction contracts

 103-55.6 Public works construction; apprenticeship agreement

   103-56 to 60 Repealed


        Part III.  Pollution Control--Repealed

   103-61 Repealed


        Part IV.  Additional Procurement Procedures

   103-71 Repealed

   103-72 Transcription of instructional materials


        Part V.  Products and Services of Handicapped


   103-81 to 83 Repealed


Cross References


  Employment of state residents on construction procurement contracts, see chapter 103B.

  Hawaii public procurement code, see chapter 103D.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Emerging Trends in International, Federal, and State and Local Government Procurement in an Era of Global Economic Stimulus Funding.  32 UH L. Rev. 29.


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