101-4 Right of eminent domain granted to public utilities and others. The right and power of eminent domain is hereby granted to every person, operating a public utility, and engaged in the transportation of passengers or freight or any commodity by rail or bus, or by any other means, or the conveyance or transmission of telephone messages, or the production, conveyance, transmission, delivery, or furnishing of electricity, power, water, gas, or oil, within the State, as well as to corporations designated in section 101-41. The right and power shall be exercised only in compliance with, and under, the conditions and procedures set forth in this part. [L 1896, c 45, 6; RL 1925, 809; RL 1935, 51; RL 1945, 302; am L 1951, c 12, 1(c); RL 1955, 8-4; HRS 101-4]


Case Notes


Cited: 20 H. 365, 367.


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