[174C-48] Permits required. (a) No person shall make any withdrawal, diversion, impoundment, or consumptive use of water in any designated water management area without first obtaining a permit from the commission. However, no permit shall be required for domestic consumption of water by individual users, and no permit shall be required for the use of a catchment system to gather water. An existing use in newly designated areas may be continued until such time as the commission has acted upon the application subject to compliance with section 174C-51.

(b) In its regulation of water resources in designated water management areas, the commission shall delegate to the county boards of water supply the authority to allocate the use of water for municipal purposes, subject to the limits of water supply allocated to the county boards of water supply in their role as water purveyors. [L 1987, c 45, pt of 2]


Case Notes


Given the undisputed direct interrelationship between the surface and ground waters in the Waiahole Ditch case, the designation of Windward Oahu as a ground water management area subjects both ground and surface water diversions from the designated area to the statutory permit requirement. 94 H. 97, 9 P.3d 409.


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