[371K-2] Office of community services, establishment. (a) There is established within the department of labor and industrial relations, for administrative purposes only, an office of community services. The following shall be among the programs to be under the auspices of and coordinated through the office:

(1) Progressive neighborhoods program;

(2) Hawaii office of economic opportunity;

(3) Refugee resettlement program; and

(4) State immigrant services center.

(b) The head of the office shall be known as the executive director of the office of community services, hereinafter referred to as executive director. The executive director shall have: training and experience in the field of social work, education, public health, or related fields; direct experience in programs and services related to disadvantaged persons, refugees, or immigrants; and experience in a supervisory, consultative, or administrative capacity. The executive director shall be appointed by the governor without regard to chapters 76 and 77, and shall be compensated at a salary level no less than that of a second deputy. The executive director shall be included in any benefit program generally applicable to the officers and employees of the State. [L 1985, c 305, pt of 1]