[371K-1] Findings and purpose. The State of Hawaii has long been a leader among the states in the development of progressive and innovative undertakings in behalf of its needy people. Securing the well-being of all of the State's needy citizens continues to be a policy concern deserving of the highest priority.

Yet, even as we commit a growing share of the State's resources to programs and services to assist the poor, the disadvantaged, refugees, immigrants, and other people in need, we must also ensure that government resources are used prudently, that tax dollars are not being expended in a wasteful or extravagant manner, and that the State recognizes changes in societal attitudes, values, and emphasis which have produced new issues requiring new approaches for their resolution.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a new office, the office of community services, within the department of labor and industrial relations for administrative purposes, to replace the office of the progressive neighborhoods program, the Hawaii office of economic opportunity, the refugee resettlement program, and the state immigrant services center. The primary purposes of the new office are to facilitate and enhance the development, delivery, and coordination of effective programs for those in need and to provide advice and assistance to the agencies of the executive branch, other private agencies in the human services field, and the legislature. The establishment of the office of community services would:

(1) Comply with requirements of the Hawaii State Constitution;

(2) Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the executive branch;

(3) Improve the delivery of services to disadvantaged persons, refugees, and immigrants;

(4) Fix responsibility and accountability for successfully carrying out programs, policies, and priorities of the office; and

(5) Improve responsiveness to the needs of the people of Hawaii. [L 1985, c 305, pt of 1]